Miele KK Vacuum Cleaner Bags - 5 Pack

Miele KK Vacuum Cleaner Bags - 5 Pack
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The Miele KK Vacuum Cleaner Bags includes 5 vacuum bags and two filters (one pre-motor filter and one Super Air Clean filter). Miele’s revolutionary new dustbags are made of a unique, new material. An intricate web of 3-ply random-spun fibers allow the bag to retain significantly far more tiny particles and allergens than with conventional paper dustbags. The enhanced composition virtually eliminates clogging, improving suction performance even further. Millions of tiny dust particles are held tightly within its fibers, keeping the pores on the surface of the dustbag open longer. As a result, a Miele vacuum cleaner retains its excellent suction performance, even when the dustbag is full. Practically tear-proof, this special material virtually prevents damage caused by sharp, pointed items in the bag or through misuse during replacement. These bags fit S140, S168, S190, and S198 Miele machines.