Polystar 64 Count of Embroidery Thread With Snap Spools w/ Thread Box Especially Produced for use in Brother Machines

  • Polystar 64 Count of Embroidery Thread With Snap Spools w/ Thread Box Especially Produced for use in Brother Machines
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INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE!!!!!!!!!! ALL BROTHER EMBROIDERY MACHINE OWNERS CAN START CHEERING!!!! ALL 64 BROTHER COLORS!!! Embroidery thread produced especially for Brother sewing machines. Polystar Embroidery Thread 64 Spool Set now comes in a truly amazing thread box with 2 thread trays and is now wound on Snap Spools. Bonus! 3 New Polystar thread colors are now included with the Polystar thread set - Ivory and New Flesh Pink and Navy Blue!

  • Snap Spools
  • Thread Box and Trays Included
  • Bonus! 3 New Polystar Thread Colors



INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you own a Brother Embroidery machine? Such as the Brother HE-120, HE-240, PE-150, PE-170D, PE-180D, PE 300, PE 400D, Innovis 500D, Innovis 900D, Innovis 950D, Innovis 6000D, Innovis 4500D, Innovis 4000D, Innovis 4000LTD, PE-700, PE-700II, PE-750D, PE-770, PE-780D, Innovis 1000, Innovis 1200, Innovis 1250D, Innovis 1500D, Innovis 2500D, Innovis 2800D, SE 270D, SE-350, SE-400, LB6770PRW, LB6800PRW, PC 6500, PC 8200, PC 8500, PC 8500D, ULT 2001, ULT 2002D, ULT 2003D, PR 600, PR 600II, PR 620 or PR 650? ARE YOU FRUSTRATED BY COLOR CONVERSION CHARTS THAT DO NOT REALLY HAVE THE CORRECT COLOR? THEN GET YOUR CREDIT CARD AND PLACE AN ORDER!!!!!!!!

64 Spools of High Quality Polyester Embroidery Thread

"Thread As Shiny As The Stars"
Polystar thread has superior shine and superior strength. We are so excited to offer this thread. The thread sews out beautiful with so much shine! Best of all this thread is on mini king spools so the thread comes off the spool easy. This set includes 64 spool set of 1,000 meter spool, of the shiniest polyester thread you have ever seen on true mini king spools. This thread set is valued at a price of over $300!

Color Name and Number

For the first time ever, actual thread colors that correspond with the thread color numbers on the Brother machines. Using modern technology the exact color match has been produced. No more thread chart conversion charts are needed. The corresponding Brother Color Names and Color Numbers are printed on the bottom of the spool. In addition Brother machines are set up from the factory to use 50 weight thread and Polystar Embroidery Thread is 50 weight thread! Polystar Embroidery Thread was also produced to fit the thread cassette if you own a Brother SE-270D, Brother HE-120 or Brother Innovis 500D Embroidery Machine. SO THROW AWAY YOUR CONVERSION CHARTS AND ENJOY SUPERIOR THREAD AT AN INCREDIBLE PRICE. All the thread colors that you need are in this thread set.

Shiny and Simply Amazing Thread Box and Trays Included

Polystar Embroidery Thread 64 Spool Set now comes in a truly amazing thread box with 2 thread trays. The thread box is shiny and made to hold the two thread trays that come with the thread. The thread box's flap is magnetic so it closes and opens with ease. The two thread trays are made just for Polystar Embroidery Thread, so all 64 Spools fit in thread trays. You no longer need to find a spot for your thread, or worry about losing your threads because they store perfectly in the Thread Box they come in! The Polystar Thread fits snugly inside each compartment found on the thread tray, preventing your thread from rattling and rolling in the thread box!

Polystar - Now With Snap Spools!

Are you tired of your embroidery thread unraveling on you? Well the Polystar 64 Embroidery Set is now wound on Snap Spools to prevent your thread from unraveling! Simply pull on the base of the spool, which is extremely simple thanks to the added ridges for grip, lay your thread in between the top of the spool and the bottom of the spool and simply push down. Your thread will no longer unravel and will stay nice and tidy in your Polystar Storage Box. The snap spool also helps you find the end of the thread easily.

Bonus! 3 New Polystar Thread Colors

The Polystar Embroidery Thread Set now comes with 3 Brand New Thread Colors! Ivory and New Flesh Pink and Navy Blue are the newest addition to the Polystar Thread Set giving you 64 beautiful thread colors for only $99.99! These beautiful new thread colors are perfect for matching flesh tones when embroidering faces or bodies.

Polystar Embroidery Thread Set - Thread Chart

Click Here to Download the Polystar Embroidery Thread Chart

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    • 5
      Polystar Thread

      Posted by CAROL GRADY on 13th Sep 2019

      Wonderful Thread. Lustrous, makes my embroidery pop.

    • 5
      Polystar thread

      Posted by Barbara Douglass on 19th Aug 2019

      awesome colors no problems with breakage or fraying. Nice storage box keeps threads out of sight . Love it and will buy again. Great sellers.

    • 5
      Polystar 64 count embroidery thread

      Posted by Laurie on 25th Jul 2019

      Awesome thread. This is my second box. I was going to only buy what I needed buy the box of 64 was less money. Works in my Brother and my Janome machines.

    • 5

      Posted by Yolanda on 12th Jul 2019

      This is an awesome product to own. Whether you are a beginner like myself or I would imagine an old time vet. All of the colors are labeled and match up to the Brother embroidery system perfectly. They offer hassle free shipping, my package arrived in Ga a day early. Can’t wait to get more stuff from them.

    • 5

      Posted by Megan on 11th Mar 2019

      Great thread. No clogging up the race on my machine. Before I was using Coats brand and having terrible issues. Now i invested in this set, and it was so worth it

    • 5
      Great price!

      Posted by Vicki on 13th Jan 2018

      Beautiful colors in a box to keep them organized.

    • 5
      Amazing Purchase!

      Posted by Rachelle Skeem on 1st Jul 2017

      I was amazed at the quality of the thread and the amazing box they came in. I am new to machine embroidery but I look forward to using these beautiful colored threads. What an amazing deal! Best Around!

    • 5
      Matches Brother Thread Numbers

      Posted by Skohl on 4th Jun 2017

      Thread was delivered quickly, and is a good quality thread. I'm very happy with the price, compared to other name brand threads. Price was the lowest on the web for this product!

    • 5
      Polystar Thread is wonderful

      Posted by Unknown on 14th May 2017

      The Polystar Thread comes in a nice box to store your thread. Sewing with this thread will make a difference to your sewing project. Other threads break easily, but not the Polystar threads. Am glad to have purchased with Mr. Vac and Mrs. Sew. My order was at my door with no problems.

    • 5
      Embroiders like a dream!

      Posted by lgrabske on 3rd May 2017

      I have made the mistake of buying cheap thread online that ends up getting shredded on my machine. Was a little hesitant to buy such a large quantity of the Polystar thread online having gotten burned on my last large thread purchase (not from this site/store). I was pleasantly surprised at how beautifully this thread embroiders and the colors are gorgeous! I hope this set is always available because I would buy it again and again.

    • 5
      Getting Started

      Posted by Dianne Aragon on 4th Mar 2017

      I recently purchased a Brothers PE 770 embroidery machine and of course I needed thread. I found that the Polystar was the best price from Mr Vac and Mrs Sew. They delivered quickly and in a great organized box that will keep my threads organized. Thank you

    • 5
      The best buy in town

      Posted by Laurel on 16th Jan 2017

      I received my thread a couple of weeks ago to go with my Brother PE770, and I am more than pleased! The colors are not only beautiful, but there is absolutely no problem with sewing -- no breakage, no knotting, no nothing. The price is astounding, also, when you compare it to other threads. I love this thread!

    • 5
      Gorgeous Colors, Clever Spool!

      Posted by Barbara on 13th Jan 2017

      Haven't been able to use the threads yet as I just received my Brother PE770, but I bought your threads on the advise of the YouTube I've been following. Marked the #s on them as suggested. Can't wait to use them!

    • 5
      Good Quality Thread

      Posted by Karen on 18th Dec 2016

      I haven't used all of the colors but my new Brother PE770 seems to like this thread. So far, no breakage and the colors are shiny and vibrant.

    • 5
      Great beautiful threat

      Posted by Debbie on 27th Aug 2016

      I'm new to embroidery but I absolutely love this thread. Beautiful colors and thread holds up perfectly.

    • 5

      Posted by Coleen A on 28th Jul 2016

      I just purchased a brother Innovis embroidery machine and had trouble with other embroidery threads breaking, but Polystar has been a God sent. It works beautifully. I really love the box it came in because it keeps it neat in an otherwise chaotic craft room. I will be getting more of this thread in the future,

    • 5

      Posted by Ann Crutchfield on 13th Jun 2016

      I am new to embroidery and along what that comes the frustration of failure due to lack of experience. All threading and thread breaking issues have ceased since getting my box of Polystar thread. I can't see me switching to anything else. I do not have a dedicated work space, so the storage box is a blessing.

    • 5
      New to machine embroidery

      Posted by Karen V on 16th May 2016

      I just got a Brother SE400 and after researching the best thread to buy, I bought the Polystar 64 set. I couldn't be happier. The spools are beautiful and so far works great in my machine. I built a wall rack to keep them neat and wrote the thread color on the base with fine point marker. I keep the plastic cover on them when not in use. There are a few that the snap base will not close, but not much of an issue.

    • 5
      Finally found good thread!

      Posted by Annie on 8th May 2016

      My Brother NQ 144 E is very picky it seems when it comes to thread. Shredding was an issue. Till someone told me about Polystar thread, which is made for Brother machines. Took my chance and ordered a huge box. OMG! I love it and so does my machine! I have no machine issues and enjoy embroidering again! The service is amazing. I have purchased thru Mr Vac and Mrs Sew before and I will continue too in the future. Thank you all!

    • 5
      NO Breakage or Tangles

      Posted by Joe L. on 20th Apr 2016

      The thread is just the right weight for the machine embroidery that I do. The quality is the best I have used. I have used the BEST (so-called) brands, and this one is as good if not better than most. The colors are very bright and deep. I like the ease of using the spools and the ease of finding the right color matches to most designs. The cost is less than a comparable thread. I will use this brand as long as it is still available and affordable.