Miele GN AirClean Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Miele GN AirClean Vacuum Cleaner Bags
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For use with Classic C1, Complete C3, S400, S600, S800, S8000, S5000 and S2000 Series canister vacuums. Features a unique self-locking Auto-Seal collar that ensures particulates are never released back into the air once they’re captured.



Built-In Hygiene Shutter

The Miele GN Airclean Dustbag has a hygiene shutter built-in to prevent dirt and debris from re-entering your house. The hygiene shutter is spring-loaded so as soon as you open the machine the shutter will close not allowing any dirt to escape. The collar of the bag also contains a rubber seal to ensure all of the dirt picked up is contained within the bag.

AirClean 3D Technology

3D efficiency allows dust bag to use entire volume, while Eco-Efficiency allows the vacuum to have maximum efficiently even at low settings

AirClean System

The AirClean System traps over 99.9% of harmful allergens.

Each Box Contains

Every box of Miele AirClean GN Bags contains 4 AirClean dustbags, a Premotor filter and a Super Air Clean Filter.

These Dustbags Fit:

- The Miele S400 Series
- The Miele S600 Series
- The Miele S800 Series
- The Miele S5000 (S5) Series
- The Miele S2000 (S2) Series
- The Miele S8000 (S8) Series
- The Miele Classic C1 Series
- The Miele Complete C3 Series