Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!

Miele Brilliant Complete C3 Canister Vacuum Cleaner w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
Miele Brilliant Complete C3 Canister Vacuum Cleaner w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!
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The Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner is Miele's Top of the Line C3 Vacuum Cleaner with some truly amazing features! With Brand New Features including Miele's Furniture Bumper and an LED Parking System you will wonder what this machine can't do! Stylish, Quiet, Powerful and Light - Anything else is a Compromise!

  • Miele SEB236 Powerhead
  • Miele SBB 400 XL Parquet Floor Brush
  • Deluxe Hose Handle w/ Suction Control
  • 3-Year Motor Warranty
  • LED Underbody Lights
  • HEPA Filtration


  • Bare Floors
  • Carpet/Rugs
  • Deeper Pile Carpets
  • Very High Filtration
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Above Floor Cleaning
  • Dimly lit Areas
  • Quiet Vacuuming
  • Hard to Reach Areas
  • Pet Owners

The warranty of this Vacuum Cleaner is 10 years on the motor and 5 years on all parts and labor. Mr. Vac & Mrs. Sew is an authorized Miele Diamond Dealer.


Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum Cleaner & SEB 236 w/ FREE Overnight Delivery!

Free Overnight Delivery! When you purchase a Miele Brilliant from Mr. Vac and Mrs. Sew, you will receive Free Overnight Delivery with your purchase.

Lightweight, Quiet and Powerful

The Miele Brilliant is 2-Pounds lighter than it's predecessor (The Miele S5 Series) thanks to the new Lightweight Skeletal System used; but that does not mean that Power was compromised! The Miele Brilliant packs Miele's Newest Low-Noise 1200-Watt Vortex Motor with noise optimized fan, which was designed to keep the machine quieter and lighter! Same Power, Less Weight and of course as with all Miele Canisters; Made in Germany.

Sealed System Construction

The combination of the Miele G/N Hyclean Dust Bag, Active HEPA Filter and Sealed System Construction (SSC) ensures that dirt goes in and doesn’t come out! Miele vacuum cleaners are so clean they were awarded certification by the DMT Air Quality Testing Institution, an Independent institution that monitors air hygiene!

Chrome Accented Buttons

From the beautiful Bronze Pearl Finish to chrome accented buttons, no detail has been spared on Miele's Top of the Line Canister. Both the buttons located at the back of the machine and the hose mouth connection are chrome accented giving your machine the ultimate touch of flair and finish.

Comfort Cord Rewind Button + HEPA Reset Button

Exclusive to Miele. The cable rewinds automatically when the footswitch is pressed. Just press the button once and the cord will retract. There is no need to hold the button down! The cordwinder is powerful and precise and has gone through extensive robotic testing to make sure it lasts. The Miele Brilliant also has an indicator to let you know when to change your HEPA filter, so there is no more guesswork as to when it is time to replace your filter.

The Miele AirClean Dust Bag

The Miele vacuum cleaner uses a 9 layer random spun Miele AirClean dust-bag with reinforced stitching on the outside to prevent bag breakage. The interior is also reinforced to prevent glass, nails and screws from tearing open the bag. The Miele AirClean vacuum bag is also auto-sealing and spring loaded for hygienic removal and disposal, preventing dirt from coming back into your house. The Miele Brilliant uses Miele's GN Bag.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter

Capture and retain lung damaging particles and absorb odors at the same time! The Miele Brilliant uses Generally Activated Charcoal (GAC) and HEPA to conform to the European standard for Filtration (EN 1822). The HEPA filter actually traps 99.99% of all particles as small as 0.3 of a micron. Dust mite feces and pollen are no match for the Miele Brilliant! The Miele HEPA filter requires replacement after 50 hours of use or 1 year, whatever comes first.

Park it!

Answer the door or phone, simply insert the wand and parquet floor brush into the park system at the back of the canister. The Miele Brilliant's park system saves time without having to find an unsafe resting place for the wand or laying it on the floor. The park system automatically shuts off the entire vacuum cleaner as soon as the wand and floor brush is parked in the machine.

LED-Lit Dual-sided Wand Holder

The Miele Brilliant Vacuum Cleaner has two convenient fittings on either side the canister allow for safe storage and easy transportation. Left handed or right handed, the Miele Vacuum Cleaner allows an ideal solution. Carry the vacuum cleaner up or down stairs and have the other hand free to hold on to the railing. Either side also sports a set of LED lights which shine as you vacuum, which elegantly light your carpeting as you vacuum. When you unplug your vacuum, the LED's will continue to shine for about 30 seconds allowing your to easily store your vacuum in dimly lit areas or closets.

Getting Around

Avoid the need of having to change sockets halfway through vacuuming! Together with the hose and suction tube the Miele Vacuum cleaner has an operating radius of 33 feet! Remember the Miele Brilliant has a Comfort Cord Rewind as well - Press Once and the cord automatically retracts

Strong Hose Connection

When using a canister vacuum cleaner you are constantly pulling on the hose and that is exactly why the Miele C3 series hose connection was vigorously tested to last. Miele tested the hose connection by hanging the machine from the hose with an extra 5 Kilograms (About 10 pounds) at the end of the machine for hours. Just like every other aspect of the Miele Brilliant the Hose Connection is made to last!

Bag Fill Indicator

No guess work here, the Miele Brilliant lets you know when to change your bag or if you have a blockage that needs to be attended to!

Velvet 3D Furniture Bumper

The integrated Velvet 3D Furniture Bumper is made of a soft, velvety material which helps protect furniture from accidental collisions and helps the machine glide smoothly around wall corners.

Easy to Carry Carrying Handle

The Miele Brilliant has a carrying handle built-in the machine allowing you to bring the machine up and down stairs and around the house easily. The handle swoops upwards for easier machine pick-up!


Three smooth-running 360 degree wheels mounted on steel axles to ensure maximum stability for your Miele vacuum cleaner. The castor wheels are even designed with a travel ramp to help your vacuum travel over thresholds and around obstructions! No detail is to small for Miele’s design team.

Accessory Compartment

Neat on board storage insures that tools don’t go missing! The Miele Brilliant comes complete with a crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush are always on hand, whenever you need them.

Crush-Proof Hose

The hose is crush-proof and will not bend or warp if you step on your hose accidentally or drop something heavy on it.

Ergonomic Deluxe Hose Handle with Suction Controls

The Miele Brilliant's hose handle is ergonomic and helps keep strain off of your wrist. It swivels slightly moving with you as you vacuum making vacuuming more comfortable and less of a strain! All functions of the vacuum cleaner can be done from the handle from turning the machine on or off, increasing or decreasing the suction, to turning the powerhead on and off. There are six different power levels depending on the type of flooring you're cleaning or surface you're dusting. Easy to understand graphic symbols indicate which setting is best suited for your situation. Whether you are vacuuming drapes, upholstery, throw rugs, large area rugs, carpeting or bare floors the Miele Brilliant has you covered. The Miele Brilliant even has a Quiet Setting that delivers optimal amount of power at the lowest decibel rating! The Automatic Setting automatically adjusts the suction up or down depending on what flooring or carpeting you are vacuuming; which helps prevent suction setting aggravation.

Quick Connects

The Miele Brilliant no more fussing with cords from the powerbrush to the hose. Connections are internal at the hose end, hose handle, and powerbrush and connect with just a click.

Telescoping Stainless Steel Wands

One section fits inside the other and adjusts to your height with the touch of a button. Making it a custom fit for any user!

The Miele SBB 400-3 XL Parquet Floor Brush

Designed to go flat under baseboards, low under furniture, tight up against kick jams and around chair legs. With a 90 degree twisting rotation there not many places this floor brush can’t go! And with a wide head of 16 inches, you can get through vacuuming quicker! Ceramic, laminate and natural wood surfaces are no problem!

Combination Rug and Floor Tool SBD285-3

This universal tool is ideal for all smooth flooring and low pile carpeting. It allows you to go from smooth floors to carpeted surfaces with a quick click of the rocker switch. Carpets and rugs can be gently and thoroughly vacuumed.

The Miele SEB236 Powerhead

This electrically driven carpet tool with a 13 5/8" wide brush roll lets you adjust height based on the pile of the carpet and is perfect for deep cleaning medium carpet. This Powerhead also has a bright light for all those hard to see places.

Recommended for: Deep cleaning and restoring crushed carpet nap on all types of carpeting. Highly recommended for use on heavy and/or high pile carpet.The SEB 236 is also great for picking up large amounts of pet hair from carpet.

Aggressive Powerhead

The Miele SEB236 powerhead is an aggressive Powerhead designed suck up all the embedded dirt in your rugs. The SEB236 also has all rubber wheels so it rolls safely on all your delicate floors without scratching.

Reset Button on SEB236

If you run over the edge of a bedspread or the edge of a carpet no fears the Miele SEB236 powerhead has a reset built in to it. If your powerhead shuts down from being jammed no worries just unjam the Powerhead press the reset and you are good to go. No more broken or stretched belts!!!

5 Brushroll Height Adjustments

The Miele SEB 236 Powerhead has height adjustment so you can set your powerhead to the proper height for all of your different height carpets.

Silence-Noise Insulation

Thanks to a noise optimized fan and integrated silence, the C3 is extremely quiet.

Thermal Cutout Indicator

A thermostat prevents Miele vacuum cleaners from overheating. When an object becomes lodged in the passage and blocks the flow of air, the vacuum will automatically switch itself off and the indicator light will alert you to the problem.

Forever Better! Immer Besser!

Miele canister vacuum cleaners are manufactured at Miele's Bielefeld factory in Germany where endurance testing in custom-built laboratories forms an intrinsic part of quality assurance on all Miele canister vacuums. Quality, quality and quality, you only have three choices when it comes to Miele! Before any production process starts, components are put through very rigorous testing , in fact strain stress exceeds typical residential household use. Only when all components have successfully passed critical exam will the Miele brand name be placed on them.

Miele's Newest Vortex 1,200 Watt Motor

The powerful motor developed and manufactured by Miele in Germany, ensures exceptional cleaning performance with maximum dust elimination. Quieter and with the same amount of power!

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