Sebo Filter Box X-C-370 Bags

  • Sebo Filter Box X-C-370 Bags
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With today's increasing health concerns regarding the rise of allergy and asthma sufferers, it's important to maintain a pollution-free environment in the home. The Sebo's filtration system ensures high filtration to remove dust, dirt, and allergy-causing particles without recirculating it into the living areas. This box of vacuum cleaner bags contains 8 Sebo Filter Box X-C-370 Bags . Attached to the green plastic collar is a vacuum bag plastic cover to prevent the dirt from escaping the bag when being thrown in the trash.





Sebo X/C/370 Filterbox filter bags fit the for the following Sebo upright and full-sized canister vacuum cleaners: Automatic X1, Automatic X4, Automatic X4 Extra, Automatic X5, 370, Essential G1, Essential G2, C1.1 canister, C2.1 canister, and C3.1 canister.