Polystar Prewound Plastic Style "M", SA156 and 15J Bobbins 144 ea

Polystar Prewound Plastic Style "M", SA156 and 15J Bobbins 144 ea
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The same quality, strength, and value expected from the Polystar name, is finally available in prewound bobbins. This box of Polystar Prewound Plastic Style "M", SA156 and 15J Bobbins includes 144 White Plastic Prewound Bobbins. Get thread, thread, and more bobbin thread, at an incredible Polystar value. You get 144 quality 95 meters of prewound bobbins, a retail value of over $110, for less then half the retail value.

  • Amazing Value
  • Incredible Quality
  • Large Quantity - 144 Gross




This package includes 144 White Plastic Prewound Bobbins.

Length and Type

95 meters ea, 100% Spun Polyester Bobbin Thread, Style "M", SA156 and 15J


The color of this product is white.

Polystar Style "M", SA156 and 15J Prewound Bobbins will fit these machines:

- Singer XL-150/ XL-5000/ XL-6000/ XL-1000
- Singer Futura CE-100/ CE-200/ CE-150/ CE-250/ CE-350/ SES-1000/ SES-2000
- Brother PE 500/ PE 700/ PE 750D/ PE 700II/ PE 770/ PE 780D/ PE 800
- Brother Quattro 2 6700D/ Quattro NV6000D/ Innovis NQ3500D/ Innovis 5000/ Innovis XV8550D/ Innovis XV8500D/ Innovis 6750D/ Innovis 6000D/ Innovis 4500D/ Innovis 4000D/ Innovis 4000LTD/ Innovis 2800D/ Innovis 2500D/ Innovis 1500D/ Innovis 1200/ Innovis 1250D/ Innovis 1000/ Innovis 990D/ Innovis 950D/ Innovis 900D/ Innovis 500D
- Brother SE1800/ SE1900/ SE 270D/ SE 350/ SE-400/ SE 425/ SE 600/ SE 625/ HE1/ HE-120/ HE-240/ LB-6770PRW/ LB-6800PRW/ LB7000PRW
- Brother Duetta 2 4750D/ Duetta 4500D
- Brother DreamCreator VQ2400/ DreamCreator XE VM5100/ DreamMaker XE VE2200/ DreamWeaver VQ3000/ DreamWeaver XE VM6200D
- New Home/ Janome 9000/ 5000
- Janome 9500/ 9700/ 300E/ 350E/ 10000/ 10001/ 11000
- Babylock New Esante
- Babylock New Ellure/ Ellure Plus
- Babylock New Ellageo/ Ellageo Plus
- Babylock Ellegante 2/ Ellegante- Babylock Ellisimo
- Babylock Sofia A-Line Series
- Simplicity SB7050E/ Simplicity SB7500/ Simplicity SB8000