Distinctive Binder Sewing Machine Presser Foot w/ Free Shipping

Distinctive Binder Sewing Machine Presser Foot w/ Free Shipping
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Free Shipping on this Sewing Foot!

The Distinctive Binder Foot will fold and feed your bias tape in one easy step! The foot is equipped with a funnel that guides and folds that fabric while keeping it flat; giving you professional results. Create projects that look finished, clean and precise with the Distinctive Binder Foot. The Distinctive Binder Sewing Foot is made to fit any Low Shank Snap-On Sewing Machine.

  • Premium Sewing Machine Foot
  • Fits All Low Shank Sewing Machines
  • Bonus Instructions Included!



Bonus Instructions Included

The Distinctive Sewing Foot blister packaging doubles as a set of instructions. Just pull out the cardboard back, open it up and start reading. You will be sewing in no time!

Distinctive Premium Sewing Feet

Distinctive Premium Sewing Feet are high quality sewing feet that provide the user with ease of use for tasks that could be extremely tedious if done by hand. Start sewing with the best, Distinctive Sewing Feet.