Grand Slam Embroidery Package Details

"Thread As Shiny As The Stars"
Both shiny and vibrant colors, create an amazing look to any project you are working on.


Unbelievable Strength
The most amazing thing about this thread is its resistance to breakage, never again will you experience a breakage in thread in the middle of embroidering.


Shiny and Simply Amazing Thread Box and Trays Included
Polystar Embroidery Thread 64 Spool Set now comes in a truly amazing thread box with 2 thread trays. The thread box is shiny and made to hold the two thread trays that come with the thread. The thread boxs flap is magnetic so it closes and opens with ease. The two thread trays are made just for Polystar Embroidery Thread, so all 64 Spools fit in thread trays. You no longer need to find a spot for your thread, or worry about losing your threads because they store perfectly in the Thread Box they come in! The Polystar Thread fits snugly inside each compartment found on the thread tray, preventing your thread from rattling and rolling in the thread box!


Set Includes
This set includes 64 spool set of 1,000 meter spool, of the shiniest polyester thread you have ever seen on true mini king spools. This thread set is valued at a price of over $300.


Color Name and Number
For the first time ever, actual thread colors that correspond with the thread color numbers on the Brother machines. Using modern technology the exact color match has been produced. No more thread chart conversion charts are needed. The corresponding Brother Color Names and Color Numbers are printed on the bottom of the spool. In addition Brother machines are set up from the factory to use 50 weight thread and Polystar Embroidery Thread is 50 weight thread!


Weight of Thread
The weight of the thread is 50 wt, providing superior embroidery.


Polystar - Now With Snap Spools!
Are you tired of your embroidery thread unraveling on you? Well the Polystar 64 Embroidery Set is now wound on Snap Spools to prevent your thread from unraveling! Simply pull on the base of the spool, which is extremely simple thanks to the added ridges for grip, lay your thread in between the top of the spool and the bottom of the spool and simply push down. Your thread will no longer unravel and will stay nice and tidy in your Polystar Storage Box. The snap spool also helps you find the end of the thread easily.


Superior Shine and Strength
This thread has superior shine and superior strength. We are so excited to offer this thread. The thread sews out beautiful with so much shine! Best of all this thread is on mini king spools so the thread comes off the spool easy.

Click here to see actual colors in this set

50,000 Professionally Digitized Embroidery Design

The 50,000 Embroidery Design USB Thumb Drive has over 50,000 professionally digitized embroidery designs on a USB Thumb Drive. The amount of embroidery designs on this USB Thumb Drive is truly remarkable. From Angels to Zoo animals, this Thumb Drive has almost everything you can think of.

Transfer the Embroidery Designs Easily
There are over 50,000 Embroidery Designs on this USB Thumb Drive and all of them can be transferred onto your machine via the USB Port. Simply Copy and Paste the Design you wish to embroider onto a separate USB Thumb Drive and you are ready to embroider. It is that simple! No need for a transfer box or anything of that sort because everything needed is built into the machine!

All 50,000 Designs are in .PES Format
Brother Embroidery Machines reads .PES Embroidery Designs and all 50,000 embroidery designs are in .PES. That means you do not need extra embroidery design format software to change the format, because all of the designs are made in proper format already!

Use Your Designs for Both Commercial and Personal Embroidery!
One of the most astounding features of all 50,000 of these designs is that each design can be used for both commercial and personal embroidery. This means with this USB Thumb Drive you have availability to embroider out any design you like and sell your embroidered merchandise.

Below are links to different pages showing just some of the different design collections found on the 50,000 Embroidery Designs USB Thumb Drive

See a Sampling Of the Designs on the USB Thumb Drive Below -

Incredible Value
Get thread, thread, and more bobbin thread, at an incredible value. You get 144 (95 meters each) prewound bobbins, a retail value of over $100!

This package includes 144 bobbins.

Length and Type
95 meters ea, 100% Spun Polyester Bobbin Thread, Style M

The color of this product is white.

View, Modify, Read and Convert
View, Modify, Read and Convert All Major Embroidery File Types With Full Design Scalability

Re-Save Designs in Any Format
View and Modify Designs and Re-Save them in Any of the Available Embroidery File Formats

Resize, Rotate, Mirror, Print Templates and More
Resize, Rotate or Mirror Image Embroidery Designs Easily

Clamps to Larger Embroidery Hoops
Clamps to embroidery hoops larger than 5.25" x 4.5"

Security and a Fortified Position
The cap bill is held down outside your regular hoop. Allowing for the security and a fortified position.

Measurements of Cap Hoopster
The approximate measurements are 9" Long, 5" Wide, 4" outside hoop

Ready to be Embroidered on in Seven Simple Steps
Easy and convenient the baseball cap cap be hooped and ready to be embroidered on in seven simple steps.

Like Magic

Ideal For
This stabilizer is perfect for:

Decorative Stitching
Computerized Embroidery
Edge work
Satin Stitching
Strechy or Delicate Fabrics

Fine Detail Work
When you need a scissors for that fine detail work, reach for this charming little stork. The needle sharp point can reach where others cant.

Ideal For...
Ideal for monogram work, applique, embroidery, ripping seams and trimming loose threads.

Leather Case
The stork scissors comes in a beautiful leather case.