Sebo ET-2 Extra-Wide Power Head Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

  • Sebo ET-2 Extra-Wide Power Head Vacuum Cleaner Attachment
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The ET-2 Power Head effectively and aggressively cleans carpeting and gently cleans bare floors when turned off. This amazing powerhead has a great pull to it and is very easy to push. If you accidentally suck up a blanket, shoelace or obstruct the brushroll in any way; the power head will turn off to prevent belt breakage thanks to the built-in electronic overload. That means no more belt changes or burnt out power head motors. The aggressive bristles deep clean rugs and when turned off the power head effectively cleans bare floors with out scratching the surface, thanks to the rubber wheels. The ET-2 Power Head gives the user a 13-Inch Cleaning Path, so you can cover more surface area with less passes than the ET-1 Power Head (The ET-2 has an additional 1.5 Inches of Cleaning Path when compared to the ET-1).

  • Extra Wide Head For Coverage
  • Built-In Electronic Overload
  • Rubber Wheels to Prevent Scratches



Brushroll Height Adjustment Dial

Every home has different carpeting types and heights. The Brushroll Height Adjustment Dial allows the user to effectively clean any type of carpeting by simply turning the dial to one of four brushroll settings.

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