Polystar Triple Play Embroidery Thread Package w/ Country Colors, Nick Colors and FREE!!! Prewound Bobbins

  • Polystar Triple Play Embroidery Thread Package w/ Country Colors, Nick Colors and FREE!!! Prewound Bobbins
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  • Snap Spools
  • Thread Box and Trays Included
  • 65 Gorgeous Polystar Colors



INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Color Name and Number

Using modern technology the exact color match has been produced. No more thread chart conversion charts. The corresponding Brother color number and the name of the color is printed on the bottom of every spool. This set includes 42 spools of Country Color Thread and 23 Spools of Nick Color Thread, giving you a total of 65 spools of the shiniest polyester thread you have ever seen on true mini king spools. If you purchased this amount of thread in Brother thread it would be over $340. This thread has superior shine and superior strength.

Polystar - Now With Snap Spools!

Are you tired of your embroidery thread unraveling on you? Well the Polystar Nick Color Embroidery Set and Country Color Embroidery Set is now wound on Snap Spools to prevent your thread from unraveling! Simply pull on the base of the spool, which is extremely simple thanks to the added ridges for grip, lay your thread in between the top of the spool and the bottom of the spool and simply push down. Your thread will no longer unravel and will stay nice and tidy in your Polystar Storage Box. The snap spool also helps you find the end of the thread easily.

42 Spools of High Quality Country Color Polyester Embroidery Thread

The Polystar Triple Play contains 42 mini-king spools of thread matching all 42 Brother Country Colors. Genuine Brother Country Color Mini-King Spools contain 500 meters of lusterless, dull, cotton thread. But the Polystar Country Color Mini-King Spools contain 1,000 meters (That's Twice As Much) of beautiful, shiny, strong polyester embroidery thread! This thread is 50 wt polyester embroidery thread.

23 Spools of High Quality Nick Color Polyester Embroidery Thread

The Polystar Triple Play includes 23 spools of the shiniest polyester thread you have ever seen on true mini king spools. If you purchased this amount of thread in Brother thread it would be over $115. This thread has superior shine and superior strength. We are so excited to offer this thread. The thread sews out beautiful with so much shine! Best of all this thread is on mini king spools so the thread comes off the spool easy.

Free!!! 144 Polystar Prewound Bobbins

Get thread, thread, and more bobbin thread, absolutely FREE!!! when you purchase the Polystar Triple Play. You get 144 quality prewound bobbins for FREE!!!, a retail value of over $110. The Prewound Bobbins provide the same quality and strength found in all Polystar Thread. The Bobbins are Style SA156 / 15J.

Polystar 42 Count of Country Color Embroidery Thread - Thread Chart

Click Here to Download the Polystar 42 Count Country Color Embroidery Thread Chart

Polystar 23 Count of Nick Color Embroidery Thread - Thread Chart

Click Here to Download the Polystar 23 Count Nick Color Embroidery Thread Chart

Find Out What Machines Take the Included SA156 / 15J Bobbins:

Polystar SA156 / 15J Style Prewound Bobbins will fit these machines:

- Singer XL-150/ XL-5000/ XL-6000/ XL-1000
- Singer Futura CE-100/ CE-200/ CE-150/ CE-250/ CE-350/ SES-1000/ SES-2000
- Brother PE 500/ PE 700/ PE 750D/ PE 700II/ PE 770/ PE 780D/ PE 800
- Brother Quattro 2 6700D/ Quattro NV6000D/ Innovis NQ3500D/ Innovis 5000/ Innovis XV8550D/ Innovis XV8500D/ Innovis 6750D/ Innovis 6000D/ Innovis 4500D/ Innovis 4000D/ Innovis 4000LTD/ Innovis 2800D/ Innovis 2500D/ Innovis 1500D/ Innovis 1200/ Innovis 1250D/ Innovis 1000/ Innovis 990D/ Innovis 950D/ Innovis 900D/ Innovis 500D
- Brother SE1800/ SE1900/ SE 270D/ SE 350/ SE-400/ SE 425/ SE 600/ SE 625/ HE1/ HE-120/ HE-240/ LB-6770PRW/ LB-6800PRW/ LB7000PRW
- Brother Duetta 2 4750D/ Duetta 4500D
- Brother DreamCreator VQ2400/ DreamCreator XE VM5100/ DreamMaker XE VE2200/ DreamWeaver VQ3000/ DreamWeaver XE VM6200D
- New Home/ Janome 9000/ 5000
- Janome 9500/ 9700/ 300E/ 350E/ 10000/ 10001/ 11000
- Babylock New Esante
- Babylock New Ellure/ Ellure Plus
- Babylock New Ellageo/ Ellageo Plus
- Babylock Ellegante 2/ Ellegante- Babylock Ellisimo
- Babylock Sofia A-Line Series
- Simplicity SB7050E/ Simplicity SB7500/ Simplicity SB8000

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    • 5

      Posted by Roberta Alessandro on 13th Apr 2021

      Great threads. I just wish the labels we’re placed so the stayed on do u could see the number . I just relabeled them all. Love this company. They had been very helpful with all my purchases. That is why I keep going back to Mr vac and mrs sew!!!

    • 5
      great product

      Posted by MS on 17th Aug 2020

      love this thread. I have a brother 800 and have had no problems with it.

    • 5
      Polystar Triple Play

      Posted by Jennifer Shipman on 8th Jun 2020

      Look anywhere you like and you still won't find sewing/embroidery thread like this, the quality is superior and superb in every way, it's beautiful, vibrant, strong, doesn't lint up your machine, what more could you ask for. I've bought other thread elsewhere but it doesn't compare to the quality of Polystar. I do have a suggestion though, could there be blended thread as well? Other than that, this is exactly what I need, Polystar is the best of the best. I'm definitely going to be buying the other sets cause I want them all. Oh and just to mention, Polystar sewing/embroidery thread comes with a color chart inside the box which is a huge time saver .Thanks Polystar, I've already reccomended your thread and kind,friendly service to absolutely everyone I know.

    • 5
      nice bundle

      Posted by Curt Barrett on 28th May 2020

      this is a nice collection of thread the only grip i have is that the stickers are not all pressed on the spool completely so i pulled each one and made sure the stickers where stuck to the bottom better other then that no complaints

    • 5

      Posted by H&Z Custom Apparel on 30th Apr 2020

      The best ever. Shipped fast an the colors are beautiful.

    • 5
      Excellent customer service and quality

      Posted by gina barrett on 10th Jul 2018

      I live in Georgia and cannot get the quality of products that this company offers. I have ordered all my thread and my Brother PE 770 from them. The customer service is exceptional. Will continue to purchase from them for all my sewing and embroidery needs. This customer is extremely satisfied. I encourage you to give them a try and I will bet you too will be a loyal customer.

    • 5
      I'm new to embroidery so I watched alot of you tube videos on reviews on threads and decided to go with Polystar. I ordered the Triple Play and I am in love with this thread, so much so I just ordered the regular box of 64 colors. I believe this is t

      Posted by S Collie on 24th Apr 2018

      Delivery was fast

    • 5
      Embroidery Thread

      Posted by Karen on 12th Apr 2018

      Fine quality at a remarkable price and the free bobbins are lagniappe

    • 4
      Polystar Triple Play works on Brother SE400

      Posted by T W on 22nd Mar 2018

      Recommended by Vince Accuri on you tube. Thank you Vince, and Thank you Mr. Vac & Mrs. Sew this works great on the Brother SE400. Thread colors match the color chart, like having the prewound bobbins, and no breakage.

    • 5
      Happy but yet disappointed

      Posted by Jan on 21st Oct 2017

      Recommended by Vince Accuri on you tube. The embroidery thread is beautiful no breakage real high quality, the bobbin thread is great so far no problems did not show throughout my designs. The disappointment came in at; Although the thread has the number and color name under thread, it was not what I thought. The thread had letters then the numbers some had CY, and N. For instance Black CY100, I thought black was 800 and red CY149 INSTEAD 800. I went to the website and found 900 is black and 800 is red. So in order to get the color thread without the letters I would have to purchase them separately. However, I wrote each color of the designs and went through my polystar thread and did a cross reference too much extra work. Disappointing, but I will order again this time It will not be a surprise. Great thread makes up for the extra work.

    • 5
      The best!

      Posted by Mary on 5th Sep 2017

      Excellent thread--love the color range. The snap bottoms are great. Prewound bobbins make sewing easier too! Highly recommend!

    • 5
      The best thread ever

      Posted by Tanya on 4th Sep 2017

      This is the best embroidery thread I have ever used ...The colors are amazing and the durability of the thread is awesome...Makes embroidery enjoyable

    • 5
      Love this deal !

      Posted by Susan Tedesco on 11th Jun 2017

      Great thread, deal and service from mr. vac& mrs sew.

    • 5
      Love this thread!

      Posted by Donna on 3rd May 2017

      Love the thread, beautiful colors..and the prewound bobbins what a time saver! I've had my pe770 less than a month but so far no problems with this thread! Have put in a second order for more thread and will do everytime I run low..Order was received quickly and the boxes help keep everything organized!

    • 5
      Review by Pat

      Posted by Pat H on 3rd Feb 2017

      I really like everything about this thread! I am anxious to use it along with the free bobbins & free patterns that I received! Definitely will order for this company again.

    • 5
      Gene Jones

      Posted by Eugene Jones Jr on 2nd Feb 2017

      I am SOoo very Please with my order of the Polystar triple play, I love the boxes that the threads come in, the snapping spools that lock the thread in. the stabilizer is the BEST, along with the 144 PREWOUND BOBBINS which were FREE!!!!! it save me time so I can get right to Embroidering. I also got my Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine from this CO. I will Away Buy from them every order come in a Timely fashion. I will be ordering another Machine as well as Poly star tripl play in about 3 months of. My home business is up and running. THANK YOU MR. VAC and MRS. SEW

    • 5
      Saved my Embroidery Hobby

      Posted by Carolyn Elizabeth on 16th Dec 2016

      So I just recently got into embroidery and I will say, there is quite the learning curve! FIRST LESSON: Do Not Buy Cheap Thread. I purchased thread from Amazon for what I thought was a very good price. Well, although the price was good, but the thread breaking every 20 seconds was not good. Seriously, I was re-threading my machine at least once every 30-60 seconds because the thread snapped, frayed, or bunched up in the machine. I was frustrated and ready to return my machine. But then, while searching google for tips on how to solve this issue, I came across a very pleasant gentleman's youtube video that reviewed my machine (Brother PE770) and he mentioned using thread from Mr Vac and Mrs Sew. So I bit the proverbial bullet and purchased the Triple Play Pack as a last ditch effort. I finally just got around to trying out my new thread 2 nights ago, but oh my goodness!! Not. One. Break. The entire pattern, all 15,000 stitches, went without one break. Not only were there no breaks, but this thread is gorgeous! The colors are vibrant and shiny. Now, back to that learning curve. When I purchased this set, I thought they were all Brother colors. Well, I've learned that no, they are not the standard Brother colors. The Country Colors are in fact Brother, but it's its own set, not the standard. The Nick colors aren't Brother at all. That being said, the colors are absolutely lovely. Yesterday, I came back to order the full Brother color set! I placed the order rather late last night, and today I've already received a shipping notice. How's that for service?? Fantastic. Anyhow, wrapping up this giant review, I love this thread. If you're on the fence, just take the plunge. You'll be so happy that you did! Oh and by the way, the gentleman's name from the youtube video is Vince Arcuri. I would highly recommend checking out his reviews on the PE770, he gives some fantastic tips!

    • 5
      Very pleased and will order again

      Posted by Rachel on 15th Dec 2016

      Beautiful colors in these threads. Sew so smoothly unlike some other threads i have tried. service was quick and i was very pleased.

    • 5
      Beautifully thread

      Posted by Ara on 27th Nov 2016

      Beautiful thread. Beautiful colors

    • 5
      Polystar triple play

      Posted by Emma on 20th May 2016

      Excellent assortment of colors, delivered as specified. Mr. Vacuum and Mrs. Sew where very diligent and prompt in responding my e-mail regarding availability of product. Keep in mind that this is a 50 wt thread which means thinner than 40 wt. My PE770 is set for 50 wt. and this thread works perfectly for my machine.