Polystar 23 Count of Nick Embroidery Thread With Snap Spools w/ Thread Box Especially Produced for use in Brother Machines

  • Polystar 23 Count of Nick Embroidery Thread With Snap Spools w/ Thread Box Especially Produced for use in Brother Machines
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INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE!!!!!!!!!! ALL BROTHER EMBROIDERY MACHINE OWNERS CAN START CHEERING!!!! ALL 23 BROTHER NICK COLORS!!! Embroidery thread produced especially for Brother sewing machines. Polystar Embroidery Thread Nick Color Spool Set now comes in a truly amazing thread box with a thread tray and is now wound on Snap Spools.

  • Snap Spools
  • Thread Box and Trays Included
  • 23 Gorgeous Nick Colors



INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you own a Brother Embroidery machine? Such as the Brother HE-120, HE-240, PE-150, PE-170D, PE-180D, PE 300, PE 400D, Innovis 500D, Innovis 900D, Innovis 950D, Innovis 6000D, Innovis 4500D, Innovis 4000D, Innovis 4000LTD, PE-700, PE-700II, PE-750D, PE-770, PE-780D, Innovis 1000, Innovis 1200, Innovis 1250D, Innovis 1500D, Innovis 2500D, Innovis 2800D, SE 270D, SE-350, SE-400, LB6770PRW, LB6800PRW, PC 6500, PC 8200, PC 8500, PC 8500D, ULT 2001, ULT 2002D, ULT 2003D, PR 600, PR 600II, PR 620 or PR 650? ARE YOU FRUSTRATED BY COLOR CONVERSION CHARTS THAT DO NOT REALLY HAVE THE CORRECT COLOR? THEN GET YOUR CREDIT CARD AND PLACE AN ORDER!!!!!!!!

23 Spools of High Quality Polyester Embroidery Thread

Polystar Thread has superior shine and superior strength. We are so excited to offer this thread. The thread sews out beautiful with so much shine! Best of all this thread is on mini king spools so the thread comes off the spool easy. This set includes 23 spool set of 1,000 meter spool, of the shiniest polyester thread you have ever seen on true mini king spools. This thread set is valued at a price of over $115!

Color Name and Number

Using modern technology the exact color match has been produced. No more thread chart conversion charts. The corresponding Brother Color Names and Color Numbers are printed on the bottom of every spool. This thread has superior shine and superior strength.

Polystar - Now With Snap Spools!

Are you tired of your embroidery thread unraveling on you? Well the Polystar Nick Color Embroidery Set is now wound on Snap Spools to prevent your thread from unraveling! Simply pull on the base of the spool, which is extremely simple thanks to the added ridges for grip, lay your thread in between the top of the spool and the bottom of the spool and simply push down. Your thread will no longer unravel and will stay nice and tidy in your Polystar Storage Box. The snap spool also helps you find the end of the thread easily.

Polystar 23 Count of Nick Color Embroidery Thread - Thread Chart

Click Here to Download the Polystar 23 Count Country Color Embroidery Thread Chart

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    • 5
      Nick Thread

      Posted by Lisa on 7th Oct 2019

      Love the colors. Great price.

    • 5

      Posted by kathy on 11th Oct 2018

      The colors in the Nick collection are vibrant, a good complement to the colors in the other sets. And the Polystar thread in general is great ! It doesn't cause any trouble with the machine and I love how you can secure the end to keep the spools tidy.

    • 5

      Posted by Paulette on 10th May 2017

      Love the thread great price and variety of colors

    • 5
      Love not having to make my own bobbins!

      Posted by Joanne on 21st Aug 2016

      The Poly Star pre-wound bobbins are great! And a great time saver. They are wound perfect everytime!

    • 5
      saving money and getting the product you need.

      Posted by Ruby Laney on 11th Mar 2016

      You cannot beat the price of a large spool of thread for only $2.99. I use a lot of it to embroidery and it works great!! I am so thankful I found Mr. Vac and Mrs. Sew's store.

    • 5
      Great thread!

      Posted by Unknown on 9th Mar 2016

      Beautiful colors and super fast delivery.

    • 5
      Perfect thread for my PE-770 and NQ-1400E

      Posted by Carla B on 29th Nov 2015

      I have 2 Brother Embroidery Machines and the Polystar is perfect for them. I've never had a tension problem, no fraying, no looping, nothing. I bought the Nick colors to have more thread for shading with the regular 64 colors. I will be getting the Country Colors next. Buy a couple individual spools and see for yourself... you'll love them too.

    • 5
      the BEST thread there is

      Posted by Kathy Goodson on 18th Nov 2015

      I have tried several different brands that result in a headache but NEVER have problems with this thread! I love embroidering Thanks to YOU!

    • 5
      Polystar thread

      Posted by Jean Fogarty on 10th Nov 2015

      I'm using a Brother PE 770. I'm a beginner, and I just wanted to see if I could do this. So I bought just 1 color of thread from Coats & Clark. And then I watched a ton of Youtube videos. I learned the difference. Coat & Clark would knot up underneath, and the thread winds in the opposite direction. It was practice anyways. I also learned that Mr. Vac & Mrs. Sew was the place to go to buy Polystar 23 count Nick Embroidery thread. I used the same images that I did the first time. It came out perfect. Very professional looking and no knots. Happy Camper. Thanks a million!! Fast Delivery too.

    • 5

      Posted by Lana on 28th Jul 2014

      Love the colors and quality. I just purchased the Brother PE-770 and these work great in it!

    • 5

      Posted by Elizabeth on 24th Feb 2013

      These are great colors at a really good price. They even come in a box to store them in. I wish the bottom sticker would stay on but I took someone's advice and used a perm marker to put the name and color on the bottom edge of the spool. This thread sews out so pretty. They also ship quickly which is important to me.

    • 5

      Posted by ILENE on 24th Oct 2012


    • 5

      Posted by Toni Trice on 28th Apr 2011


    • 5

      Posted by Mary Jayne on 14th Oct 2010

      New colors....YEA!!! New spools and storage trays....YEA!!! Great thread! Thanks so much for making these available.