Infant Snap Neck Bib

  • Infant Snap Neck Bib
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Regardless of whether your baby is a boy or a girl, infants always make a mess. It could be spaghetti with sauce, baby food or a dripping bottle that causes you to consistently change your child’s clothes. Thankfully an Infant Snap Neck Bib can go a long way. Available in 7 different trim colors each bib has a spill-proof backing plastic backing that helps prevent food and drinks from seeping through the bib and to the other side.



7 Different Colors to Choose From

There are seven exciting colors color trims to choose from: Yellow, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Red, Pink, Light Blue and White.

Customize Your Child’s Bib With Embroidery

Infant Snap Neck Bibs can be customized with embroidery with ease. Just hoop and go! No additional backing is needed when embroidering an Infant Snap Neck Bib.

Spill-Proof Plasticized Back

Many bibs today do not use a plasticized back; therefore food and drinks still seep through to the other side of the bib. Infant Snap Neck Bib have a plasticized back that will protect your child and your child’s clothing from those pesky seep throughs.

Machine-Washable 100% White Cotton Velour Terry

Each bib is made of 100% White Cotton Velour Terry and is machine washable so you can just throw the bibs in the washing machine after they are done being used.