Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine

Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine
Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine
Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine
Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine
Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine
Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine
Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine
Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine
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The Breville Barista Pro is an espresso lover's dream, allowing for great tasting espresso in less than a minute. The Barista Pro grinds beans with ease while boasting a 3 second heat up time for the freshest espresso possible and comes complete with a steam wand to transform milk into a silky smooth micro-foam, perfect for latte art. Featuring an intuitive LCD interface, the Barista Pro provides everything you need to easily make café quality espresso straight from your home.

  • Intuitive LCD Interface
  • 3 Second Heating Time
  • Built-In Conical Grinder
  • Micro-Foam Milk Texturing
  • Stainless Steel Construction


  • Coffee Lovers
  • Espresso Lovers
  • Cappuccino Lovers
  • Latte Lovers
  • Amateur Baristas
  • Professional Baristas
  • Latte Art
  • Café Quality Coffee



Intuitive LCD Interface

The Barista Pro features an intuitive LCD display that simplifies the coffee making process. Easily change grind size and monitor the extraction process all from the center easy-to-use LCD interface.

Built-In Conical Burr Grinder

When it comes to premium café quality coffee, freshness is everything. Within just minutes of being ground, coffee beans begin to lose their flavor. With the Barista Pro, beans are freshly ground in a matter of seconds thanks to the built-in grinder. Go from beans to espresso in under a minute with the Barista Pro.

Proper Café Quality Dosage

There's a reason why home-made coffee almost never tastes as good as café coffee. Most other coffee makers only use a dosage of 11-13 grams of ground coffee which is not enough to deliver that rich taste only professional coffee can provide. The Barista Pro uses 19-22 grams of coffee for perfect professional flavor.

3 Second Heating Time

Time is valuable and Breville makes sure to waste none. The Barista Touch uses an advanced ThermoJet™ heating system that heats up in an impressive 3 seconds so you can get your espresso the minute you want it.

Precise PID Temperature Control

Breville knows that when it comes to espresso, a constant precise temperature is everything. A minor change is enough to throw off the taste of good espresso which is why the Barista Pro has Precise PID Temperature Control. This technology detects and minimizes any temperature fluctations that may occur to keep your espresso consistently flavorful.

Proper Pressure Control

Professional espresso also requires proper pressure control, something the Barista Pro handles with ease. Using low pressure pre-infusion and 9 bar extraction pressure, the Barista Pro ensures that your ground coffee is evenly soaked for professional flavor.

Micro-Foam Milk Texturing

The Barista Pro has a built-in 360 degree swivel steam wand allowing you to texture your milk for micro-foam milk, perfect for cappuccinos and lattes while allowing for the creation of latte art.

Café Quality Latte Art

Great tasting coffee alone isn't enough to qualify as café quality and Breville knows this. Café coffee isn't complete without latte art. Simply texture your milk with the steam wand and create away. With the Barista Pro you can create latte art like a professional.

Stainless Steel Construction

The Breville Barista Pro is made to last. Housed in an attractive yet durable stainless steel shell, the Barista Pro is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Built-In Cup Warmer

Located on top of the Barista Touch is the built-in cup warmer to preheat your cup before you drink from it, ensuring that every bit of the coffee experience is absolutely perfect.

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