Amazing Designs Edit N Stitch 2.0 Embroidery Software

  • Amazing Designs Edit N Stitch 2.0 Embroidery Software
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Re-size, merge, flip, rotate, change fill patterns, re-sequence stitching order, modify designs segments, add or delete stitches and color changes...Amazing Designs Edit ´N Stitch 2.0 Embroidery Software does all this and so much more. This easy to learn and use software will inspire you to turn every design into something unique and fabulous!

  • Add or Delete Stitches
  • Split Embroidery Designs
  • Resize, Rotate and Flip Designs



Add or Delete Stitches

Is there a design that you like the look of but want to customize by adding more stitches? Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 allows you to add or delete stitches giving you complete control of your embroidery designs. You can add hair to a head or eyebrows to a face wherever you like and however you like! Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 also allows you to change colors, program thread trims, lock stitches and delete entire color segments.

Split Embroidery Designs

Is there a design that you would like to embroider but can't because it is to large for your embroidery hoop? No Problem! Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 gives you the ability to Hoop Split, which allows you to break your embroidery design into 2 or more smaller embroidery designs. This allows you to embroider a larger design with a smaller 4" x 4" Embroidery Machine just by simply hooping 2 or more times.

Resize, Rotate and Flip Designs

What if you want to rotate your design, make it smaller and flip it? Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 allows you to re-size your design (Make it Larger or Smaller), Rotate your design and Flip your design either horizontally or vertically. This gives you great control of the embroidery design you wish to edit.

Merge Embroidery Designs

Do you want to merge embroidery designs together? Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 allows you to merge one embroidery design into the other so you have the perfect combination of embroidery designs at the perfect position in one embroidery file. Now you can add stars to a sky design or a buttons to a shirt design with ease!

350 Built-In Pattern Fill Stitches

Don't like the default Pattern Fill Stitch? You can change it for one of the 350 Built-In Pattern Fill Stitches with the click of the mouse.

Envelope Editing

Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 has a great feature known as Envelope Editing, which allows you to re-shape your design to eleven included envelope shapes such as a pennant.

Thread Chart Management

Thread Chart Management is another feature found on Edit 'N Stitch 2.0. This allows you to convert the colors in your designs to any of the nine included manufacturer's thread palettes with one click.

Unlimited Undo

No longer will you panic if you make a mistake with the Edit 'N Stitch 2.0, because you can undo what you have just done an unlimited amount of times!

Quick Alignment

Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 gives perfect alignment with the click of your mouse. You can center, left, right, top or bottom align designs with ease!

Detailed Help Section

Need Help? Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 has a user-friendly built-in detailed help section to help you when you are stuck.

Realistic Preview

Want to see what your design will look like before you embroider it? Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 has Realistic Design Preview which simulates the stitches in the design so you know exactly what your designs will look like.

Multiple Design Pages

Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 allows you to have multiple design pages open when editing and merging embroidery designs.

Can Be Combined With Other Software

Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 can be combined with Digitize N' Stitch to expand your digitizing capabilities.

Batch Convert Embroidery Designs

Are all of your designs in the wrong format? Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 allows to batch convert the embroidery format saving you time and frustration.

Saves in a Variety of Different Embroidery Files

Edit 'N Stitch 2.0 allows you to save in a variety of different embroidery formats including:

- Outline File (BLF)
- Singer (Poem) (CSD)
- Tajima (DST)
- Elna/Singer (EMD)
- Melco (EXP)
- Viking (HUS, SHV)
- Janome/Kenmore (JEF)
- Pfaff (PCS, PCM, VIP)
- Baby Lock/Bernina Deco/Brother/Simplicity/White (PES)
- Elna/Janome/Kenmore (SEW)
- Singer PSW (XXX)

Recommended System Requirements:

- Pentium IV 2.0 GHz processor or above
- Windows® 2000 or XP
- 500 MB RAM
- 1 GB available hard drive space
- 1024 x 768 Video Display or better
- Mouse
- CD-ROM drive