Amazing Designs Digitize N Stitch Embroidery Software w/ Auto-Digitizing, Cross-Stitch and More!

  • Amazing Designs Digitize N Stitch Embroidery Software w/ Auto-Digitizing, Cross-Stitch and More!
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Automatically create unique applique, cross-stitch, border, and embroidery designs with just a few clicks through the wizards with Amazing Designs Digitize ´N Stitch Embroidery Software. This auto-digitizing program lets you bring in your favorite simple clip art or scanned images and then convert them to stitches. No matter the look you want in your embroidery, you can create it with Digitize `N Stitch!

  • Create Cross-Stitch Embroidery
  • Create Your Own Embroidery Designs
  • Cut, Copy and Paste Between Design Pages



Create Your Own Embroidery Designs

Create You Own Designs with the Amazing Designs Digitize 'N Stitch! With just a few simple clicks Digitize 'N Stitch will automatically take simple artwork, such as clip art or logos, and transform it into a beautiful embroidery design. You are no longer limited to what you see online or on CD's. You can now embroider that exact design you were looking for without compromise. Express your creativity with Digitize 'N Stitch. The clip art of orange juice on the left was converted into an embroidery design with just a few clicks! You can see how crisp and almost identical the embroidery design looks compared to the original clip art picture.

Cut, Copy and Paste Between Design Pages

Digitize 'N Stitch allows you to merge a pre-digitized design with a newly created design with ease. You can also have more than one design page open at a time and cut, copy and paste between the design pages. The picture on the left shows that you can easily merge the digitized orange juice design with a breakfast design to make a meal.

Create Cross-Stitch Embroidery

Digitize 'N Stitch gives the user the ability to their logos, clipart and more and transform it into a cross-stitch embroidery design. Using “X” patterns, Digitize 'N Stitch combines different colored “X”'s to create a design. Cross Stitch is a well recognized style of embroidery and makes the design look as if it was hand sewn!

40 Built-In Applique Shapes or Create Your Own

With Digitize 'N Stitch you can design your own border, applique shape or use any of the 40 built-in shapes to further embellish your designs.

Digitize 'N Stitch allows you to convert your artwork into a multitude of different styles including:

Complex Fill
Combination Complex Fill/Applique

Easy To Follow Wizards

Having Trouble? No Problem! Digitize 'N Stitch has easy to follow wizards that guide you through the whole design creation process step-by-step.

301 Icon Designs and 188 Decorative Stitches

What to spice up your Applique? Adding some style to your applique is simple with Digitize 'N Stitch because has 301 icon designs or 188 decorative stitches you can add to your design! You can choose from a variety of borders for your applique including satin stitch, e-stitch, even shamrocks and stars!

Magic Wand Tool

Want to apply an applique to portions of your design? Digitize 'N Stitch has got you covered! Digitize 'N Stitch has a Magic Wand Tool that will instantly apply an applique to entire design or portions of a design. Digitize 'N Stitch also allows you to apply more than just one portion of applique, giving you multiple appliques within the same design.

Change Cross-Stitch Size Per Inch

Digitize 'N Stitch also allows you to change the cross-stitch size per inch so your design will match perfectly with your Aida Fabric.

Adjust the Size of Your Graphic

Digitize 'N Stitch also allows you to adjust the size of your graphic which will also change the size of your finished embroidery. Digitize 'N Stitch allows you to type in the exact measurements you one so there is no guesswork as to how big your embroidery design will be!

Realistic Design Preview

Want to see what your design will look like before you embroider it? Digitize 'N Stitch has Realistic Design Preview which simulates the stitches in the design so you know exactly what your designs will look like. You can also choose the background color and fabric type in the simulated preview.

Can Be Combined With Other Software

Digitize 'N Stitch can be combined with Edit 'N Stitch and Personalize 'N Stitch to expand your editing and personalizing capabilities.

Accepts a Variety of Different Artwork Files

Digitize 'N Stitch accepts a variety of digital artwork file types including: Vector, EMF, WMF, BMP, JPG, PCX and TGA.

Saves in a Variety of Different Embroidery Files

Digitize 'N Stitch allows you to save in a variety of different embroidery formats including:• Outline File (BLF) • Singer (Poem) (CSD) • Tajima (DST) • Elna/Singer (EMD) • Melco (EXP) • Viking (HUS, SHV) • Janome/Kenmore (JEF) • Pfaff (PCS, PCM, VIP) • Baby Lock/Bernina Deco/Brother/Simplicity/White (PES) • Elna/Janome/Kenmore (SEW) • Singer PSW (XXX)

Recommended System Requirements:

Pentium III processor or above
Windows® 2000 or XP
256 MB RAM
1 GB available hard drive space
1024 x 768 Video Display or better
CD-ROM drive