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Floriani Digitizing Pro III Embroidery Software is a powerful tool that enables you to create embroidery designs for your home projects or your most demanding clients. This extensive digitizing software combines the capabilities of manual digitizing, auto digitizing, lettering and editing to provide the complete package for creating designs.
Perfect For any Situation '

Perfect For any Situation

This powerful tool will enable you to create embroidery designs for your home projects or your most demanding clients. Create custom manual designs with the extensive amount of tools provided with the Floriani Digitizing Pro III Software. With the Floriani Digitizing Pro III Software, you have complete creative control to create a large variety of gorgeous digitized designs.

Combine Different Digitizing  '

Combine Different Digitizing

This extensive digitizing software combines the capabilities of different types of digitizing such as manual digitizing, lettering and editing to give you complete and extensive creative control of creating your own embroidery designs.

Floriani’s “Family Embroidery Secrets”'

Floriani’s “Family Embroidery Secrets”

Floriani’s “family embroidery secrets” exposed in over 40 easy to use style sheets, with Floriani you are given the instructions and techniques which will rapidly graduate you from beginner to superior digitizer in a small amount of time. Obtain all the tips and techniques which have taken other digitizers years to learn. All the “family secrets” apply to the Floriani Software so it is effortless to apply them to your precise project.

Sew2Sew Wizard'

Sew2Sew Wizard

Unique to the Floriani line of digitizing products, Floriani’s Save2Sew wizard helps guide you to choose the ideal settings for your exact project. The tools aid you to generate the best quality embroidery options depending on how the following questions are answered: Type of Fabric (cotton, denim, silk, etc.), Shape of design: Open / Close, Type of design, Is the fabric hooped or not. The program will then acquire information from the answers provided and you with supportive tips on how to appropriately accommodate for that particular project. The Floriani Save2Sew Wizard will provide the user helpful hints on what type and how much backing to use when sewing the designs. With the Floriani Save2Sew Wizard problems such as designs sinking into the fabric, becomes a problem of the past.

Select and Change the Order and Path'

Select and Change the Order and Path

Change and select the order the stitches will embroider out, and also the path in which the designs will embroider out with this feature it becomes easier to create more professional designs with less jump strings.

Control the Number of Trims'

Control the Number of Trims

Control the number of trims saving time as you create your design, with the Floriani Digitizing Pro III software, whether you want a design with more trims and less jump strings, or a design that takes less time to embroider the choice and option is entirely up to you.

Digitize Once and Resize'

Digitize Once and Resize

With the Floriani Digitizing Pro III, you have the power to digitize once and create different resized versions of that design without losing any stitch information. Imagine creating a small, medium, large, and extra large design of any size version of a design you created simply by pressing a button!

Manually Adjust Point Placement'

Manually Adjust Point Placement

Import a picture and create an incredible embroidery design by manually punching it in with the Floriani Digitizing Pro III. Manually create stunning effects, with Florini software you have complete manual customizable abilities.

Professional Color Blending'

Professional Color Blending

Professional color blending with graduated fill feature, create unbelievable professional 3D, and shaded type embroidery designs. With the Floriani Professional Color Blending tools it is easy and simply to create artistic and creative effects such as designs which look 3D, or gradient designs all at the touch of a button.

Magic Wand Tools'

Magic Wand Tools

The Floriani Magic Wand tool truly magic with Floriani Magic wand tools, you are able to select shapes and areas then automatically fill the area with stitches

Display Designs'

Display Designs

With the Floriani Digitizing Pro III you can view and display designs in your selected hoop size and in your preferred brand of thread color.

Easily Batch Convert '

Easily Batch Convert

With the Floriani Software you have the ability to easily batch convert multiple file formats with a few simple clicks, convert in many different formats instantly an invaluable tool to anyone interested in created different machine formats of the same design.

Copy, Paste, Rotate and Mirror
Complete editing capabilities! With the Floriani software you can copy, paste, rotate and mirror entire designs or segments of your designs. Create intricate repeating design, or move the position of your design with little hassle.

Easily Change Digitizing Features
With Floriani Software you have the power to control the amount of underlay and the type of underlay, easily choose from a heavy underlay to a less dense underlay all in a matter of minutes. The Floriani Digitizing Pro III also gives you the ability to choose stitch type, length and direction, giving you the control to choose custom stitches quickly and easily.

Control Pull Compensation
Control pull compensation on satin and fill stitches, to your particular project or need. Easily adjust the about of compensation applied to a design based on the design you create.

Control Entry and Exit Points
With the Floriani Digitizing Pro III control entry and exit points, to best suit your specific need for a design.

Drag and Drop Stitching Order
Re-sequence stitching order of design elements with the drop and drag feature, save a tremendous amount of time and energy with this feature, as you can simply drag and drop as opposed to having to go through tedious controls and buttons.

Reshape any Existing Design
Reshape any existing design in the exclusive c2s condensed format.

Easily Import Artwork Formats
Import most popular artwork formats including formats such as in either Raster or Vector including .bmp, .jpg, .tif.

Formats Supported Include
Click2Stitch (c2s), Artista (art) Magellan Scalable (mgl), Magellan Style sheet (stl), GN Scalable (gnc), Melco Scalable (cnd), Melco DOS expanded (exp), Tajima (dst, dsb, dsz), Pfaff (ksm, vp3), Barudan Dos (dat & Uxx), Toyota (10o), Pfaff PC-Designer V2.0 & V2.1 PC (pcs), Singer PSW (xxx), Pfaff Macintosh (pcm), Janome Scan-n-Sew PC/Elna Envision Scan PC (sew) Viking DOS Customizer/ Customizer 95 (hus), Viking D1 (shv), Toyota Poem/Singer EU/Dos HuskyGram (csd), Baby Lock/Bernina Deco/Brother/Simplicity (pes), Janome/New Home 1000 (jef), Viking (vip)

Box Reader Compatibility
Magic Box, Magic Box Plus, Mini Magic Box, Mini Magic Box Plus, The Ultimate Box, Amazing Box, Amazing Box II, Mini Amazing Box, Mini Amazing Box II

Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP Home/Pro (SP1,2), P3 300Mhz Processor, 300MB hard drive space, 128MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive, 800 x 600 display, Mouse, Internet Access.


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Floriani Digitizing Pro III Embroidery Software

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Written By William
December 05, 2010
Great software, a little complicated for the beginner that has No experience but we are figuring things out. The wife will be getting a few free lessons from the shop she bought her machine from. It does do a professional job which the cheaper and easier software can't even come close to doing. Very happy with this purchase.
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